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Dwayne Vs Gummy Bears

Dwayne discovers a platter of tiny helpless gummy bears in his kitchen. Finding this amusing, he playfully puts one on his biceps. "Ya'll so small compared to me. I could just fit you in my big ass mouth haha." He picks them up one at a time, and toying with it, opens his mouth wide. His massive long tongue comes out like a wet blanket. A deep throat is also present, along with "my succulent lips." He licks on the first Gummy before tossing him inside his maw, rolling him around his tongue before swallowing down. Drinking soda, he burps as he eats more and more. "Ya'll like going down this deep ass throat, into my big ass stomach." The thug now begins tossing them in handfuls, opening his mouth to show off mashed up Gummy bears. And he even does throat play, touching his Adam's apple as the gummies go all the way down to his muscular belly. As he burps and is finished, he bloats his stomach out. "Damn, Ima a pig huh?" He laughs and mentions more Gummys will get eaten the next day. A VERY in your face vore video, showing Dwayne's mouth in very intense closeups. Saliva, tongue, lips and throat action. Belly rubs, burping and verbal domination. Not to be missed!


12 minutes

Dwayne Vs Gummy Bears

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