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Dwayne TV Vore, Burping, Feet

21 minutes


Dwayne video has the thug Giant kicking back watching TV dealing with Giants swallowing tiny people. Dwayne at first has his big smelly feet all in the camera. "Yeah, smell my stank ass feet- while I watch this tiny get swallowed down a big ass mouth." Then he actually starts toying with his shrunken down classmate Oliver. "You like my big ass tongue on your tiny ass BURRRPP body?" Dwayne starts hiccuping and burping. Repeatedly. He can't stop. "I- HICCC- could just BRRPPPPPPP eat your little HIC ass whole!" 


Soon Dwayne is licking the camera POV, popping the tiny in and out of his mouth, and taunting him more. This experimental video has Dwayne doing his nastiest burping ever. He has a REAL case of the hiccups too. These aren't fake. His smelly size 12s go into the camera multiple times, at various angles. There is even a Bonus clip at the end of him watching TV about Giants, filmed previously in 2019.

If you like watching masculine men burp and verbally humiliate you, this is the video for you. "OOPS! Damn sorry BURRRPPP Oliver. You in my big ass stomach now."


NOTE: This first TV section is available on Clips4Sale as well, albeit at a higher price. 

Dwayne TV Vore, Burping, Feet

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