"Dude, Where's My Tiny Roommate? Part 2, feat Brad"

21 minutes


THEMES: Giant, Shrinking, Unaware, Barefoot, Butt Crushing, Unaware, Sleeping Roommate


Brad has just gotten back from an intense gym workout. He stops by the mirror and admires his adonis-like body. Stripping down to his briefs he plops onto the couch and passes out. What he doesn’t know is that his roommate has shrunken down and is trying to get his attention…


With the titan asleep and those massive stompers no longer a threat; The tiny man decides to explore and admire his beefy friend. Flying about, he gets an aerial view of the slumbering giant. The huge muscles rippling in the light, his gorgeous face, those furry pits, and a bulge larger than Everest itself. Seeing the titan stir once more. He deflects and flees the awakening titan. 


Brad starts to search the room for his small flatmate. Checking all the last places he was left. 


“Where ya go?” he says aloud. He speaks slowly and calmly to not scare the little guy. As he searches the room, his massive feet SMASH into the carpet and utterly destroy whatever he steps on. The tiny roommate shakes a bit as he witnesses the power of Brad. While it is great to have a giant friend, it is these moments where things can go real bad. 




Out of nowhere that huge sole slams down next to him. He yelps a bit in response as death was only a few feet away. Pressing himself against the table leg he continues to admire the titanic Brad as he scours the room. As the thoughts go through him, the little man decides to end this game and crawls onto the couch. He yells and screams to get Brad’s attention. Brad slowly walks over to him a