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"Dude, Where's My Tiny Roommate?" Part 1
10 minutes.
THEMES: Giant Jock, Shrinking, Verbal, Unaware, Blue Jeans, Sandals, Barefoot Smothering 
Carson's roommate, Timmy, is missing! As the jock talks on the phone with his friend- we notice a tiny little person on the kitchen floor. Timmy! Carson wears sandals, blue jeans and nothing else. "I just don't wanna step on him, haha! I mean he's been acting all funny since he's been late on rent- but like dude, he's so small!"
As the conversation progresses, the jock's flip flops come off and his big feet smother the poor loser, as Carson remains unaware of his actions. "Don't joke like that LOL!" He responds to his friend on the phone. "I'm not gonna STOMP on him for punishment, that wouldn't be right bro!" But soon Carson is getting more annoyed with not finding the speck, and finds humor in knowing he could crush his roommate at any time.
The next section has Carson in blue jeans, with his barefeet out on the coffee table. Poor Timmy is trapped between the Giant's toes, but the jock doesn't notice- or care at this point. What will happen next?

"Dude, Where's My Tiny Roommate?" Part 1

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