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"Dude, Where's My TINY Roommate?"- Part 1

11 mins, 30 sec


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Unaware, Barefoot Crushing, Muscle Play, POV, Verbal


Austyn is chatting with his friend on the phone unaware that his tiny roommate had a nasty case of the shrinking virus. The little guy is trying his best to get help from the now giant jock, yet his small size prevents him from being seen. Austyn casually stomps around the room, his heavyweight shaking the camera and narrowly missing the tiny. The little guy gets launched as each footfall has him stumbling and he tries to avoid the deadly soles. 


However soon all good things come to an end. Without even knowing Austyn SLAMS his foot onto the tiny. The little guy disappearing under all that flesh, the body smashed flat as Austyn casually grinds his foot back and forth. The full WEIGHT of the blond titan rests on the unlucky roommate. As the foot lifts, the body is stuck to the sweaty flesh before crashing back into the floor. 


Before he can even react the heavy sole CRASHES down once more. Over and over the little guy is smashed by Austyn's heavy stomper. The toes curling around and forcing the tiny man to endure the rancid jock feet. With one final step, the tiny man finds himself between the toes of his titanic roommate. 


Austyn heads back to his main room still not realizing he is carrying an extra passenger. Kicking his feet up, he casually wiggles and airs out his worn feet. Zooming in, we can see the tiny man is trapped between the big and middle toe. The little guy doing his best to escape the crushing pressure, yet Austyn has him held firm. The blond stud inflicting the most horrid of torments onto his friend and not even realizing it. 


Soon the little guy gives in to the vile jock odor and goes limp. His body partially hanging off the toes and hovering over the bead. No matter how strong a tiny can get, a jock foot always wins. With the life drained out of him, he falls from the toes and onto the sheets. Immediately, that foot smashes down one last time. Sealing the man’s fate for good. 

"Dude, Where's My TINY Roommate?"- Part 1

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