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"Dude, Where's My Tiny Roommate?" Full Series
19 minutes, 30 seconds
THEMES: Giant Jock, Shrinking, Verbal, Unaware, Blue Jeans, Sandals, Barefoot Smothering, Cereal Vore, Burping, Mouth Play, Belly Bloating (brief), Bloopers!
Get the FULL series of "Dude, Where's My Tiny Roommate?"- with Carson as the unaware jock who doesn't realize the loser is only an inch tall- stuck on the floor, and at the mercy of the stud's smelly feet. "Just got back from the gym too- man my feet reek today. Nah, haven't seen him haha!" 
Get the best of both worlds with both foot stomping and cereal vore, with Carson letting out some massive belches and talking the entire time. A playful, verbal and sadistic jock!

"Dude, Where's My Tiny Roommate?" Full Series

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