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"Dude, Where's My Tiny Roommate?" feat. Brad

11 minutes including quick BONUS footage


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Unaware, Feet, Mouth Play, Verbal




Dave has shrunk himself! Can his jock roommate find him?


Brad comes back home from the gym. Sweaty. Hot. He takes off his dirty shoes and socks. Walking barefoot around the house, he acts clueless. He can't seem to find his roommate! "Dave, where ARE you?" He shouts. He's a massive Giant compared to poor Dave though, who far below can't seem to get his goliath's roommate's attention! 


Brad discovers a note Dave has written. "I've been working on a new machine. This will shrink me. If it works, Dave." Brad finds this a bit bemusing. "How small did you shrink yourself Dave?" Brad, barefoot, starts to look for his inch tall roomie. He walks around in the kitchen, barefeet plummeting on the hard floors as he searches the fridge. Brad then gets on his knees, his big size 12s up close as he continues to look for his missing roommate. 


"Oh THERE you are DAVE! Look at you all the way down there, you're so tiny." Brad smiles, and lifts Dave up to his face. "I can't hear what you're saying Dave." The Giant Jock leans in, and we get a massive close up of one of Brad's big brown eyes. "How funny would it be if I put you in my mouth?" Brad smirks. He breathes on him a few times. "I'm just messing with you dude, I won't eat you. I'll put you in here where you'll be nice and safe." He drops Dave into his beer bottle. 


"Dude, Where's My Tiny Roommate?" feat. Brad

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