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"Dude, I SHRUNK My Tiny Roommate!" Full Series

31 mins


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Noncensual, Foot Stomping, Butt Crushing, Mouth Play, Vore, Burping, Hiccups, Smoking, Spitting, Verbal Humiliation
SUMMARY: An evil cash master skater boy uses his shrunken roommate in a variety of ways, including stomping him, throwing him in cereal, sitting on him, spitting on him and even taking all his money. This is the full set of the Rico Roommate series. Buy this whole set and save money! These clips are also sold separately. 
Rico is really verbal, there are a ton of themes covered- even muscle play and belly button. Rico degrades the loser to the point of hate and contempt, drenched in cruel sarcasm. Not to be missed.

"Dude, I SHRUNK My Tiny Roommate!" Full Series

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