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"Dude, I Shrunk My Stupid Roommate 2"- Lost in Cereal

15 minutes 


THEMES: Giant, Shrinking, Cereal, Mouth Play, Vore, Tongue, Hiccups, Burping, Nonconsensual, Barefoot (brief), Verbal 


This is a video for all the scary vore fans. Those who imagine waking up and seeing a giant overhead salivating with hunger. Those who like the chase over the swallow. In this video, experience what it is like to be on the menu of a titan. The massive beast slowly consumes his meal and shows off what his body does to food.


Each second gets closer and closer to your doom. The monster burping in your face and taunting you with every gulp. Soon the last bit is gone and you are the last morsel left. Meet your end in a jock's mouth and get swallowed into a gaseous stomach. Your last cries silenced by a bellowing belch. 


Jason is ready to be rid of his roommate Jake. The tiny man has annoyed him for the last time. Grabbing the smaller man, he pours out a bowl of cereal and fills it with milk. Jason forces Jake to watch as he eats the food in an exaggerated fashion. Each bite he slowly chews and shows off the mushy food. The pile of nutrients sticking to the sloppy tongue before being swallowed down. 


“You like watching me eat, seeing all this in my mouth?” 




“Uhh yea, I know you like that, breathe it in Jake” Jason taunts before going back to the cereal. 


Each spoonful fills his cavernous mouth with the milk-soaked oats. His teeth smashing down and the crunching noises filling the room. 




Jason is extra gassy today and continues to make room for more and more of his breakfast. At one point he stuffs his mouth full and leans in really close. His luscious lips right against the camera as he reveals the chewed up food. White streaks of milk dripping down his tongue and pulling at the base of his teeth. 


“Come on I know you like this” He says before sitting back down and swallowing. 


Spoonful after spoonful disappears behind the jocks mouth and finally all that remains is a little bit of milk.


“Well now for the grand finale!” Jason says as he grabs the crying man and without any second thoughts swallows the tiny man with the rest of the milk. 


“Aww poor Jake”




He lets off one more belch as he feels the man squirming within. Jason sits back and takes off his shirt enjoying that sensation of the man within. He slowly sucks on the metal spoon as he taunts and teases Jake’s final moments. 


“See you…never” Jason chuckles as he thinks about what is going on within him. Finally the squirming stops and like all tinies before him, they are reduced to soup. 


Jason stares directly into the camera…



Adapted by MaxTiny.

"Dude, I Shrunk My Stupid Roommate 2"- Lost in Cereal

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