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"Dude, I Shrunk My Roommate"- Full Series

33 minutes 


THEMES: Giant, Shrinking, Cereal, Armpits, Mouth Play, Vore, Tongue, Hiccups, Burping, Nonconsensual, Barefoot Stomping, Verbal Humiliation


Get the FULL Roommate Series and SAVE $$$!!!


Jason Pierce hates his stupid one inch tall roommate. In the two part series, he has fun stomping him with his massive 13s, using him under his armpits, joking about him with his buddies on the phone, and eventually dropping him in cereal and eating him.


LOADS of verbal, foot action, burping and muscle action. Jason is a GOD. 


NOTE: This is a package deal. These clips are available for sale separately. 

"Dude, I Shrunk My Roommate"- Full Series

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