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"Dude, I HATE My Tiny Roommate!" Part 1

15 mins, 30 sec


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Nonconsensual, Foot Stomping, Vore, Mouth Play, Butt Crush, Armpit, Spitting, VERBAL. Financial Domination 
SUMMARY: An evil cash master loves torturing his one inch tall roommate, while also taking his money and power.
PLOT: "What was that? You want me to SPIT on him some more?" Rico laughs on the phone with his friend, while spitting bubbles of saliva down on his dumb small roommate. The inch tall loser also has to dodge Rico's big foot falls- and the jock has very smelly feet. And very little patience for such a worthless shrunken idiot. 
"I FUCKING HATE you so fucking much! YOUR like the worst roommate- SPIT!!- Ever! Barefoot in jeans, Rico squats down and continues his parade of humiliation. He starts grinding the tiny around in his spit, on the wooden floors as he keeps talking on the phone- as if the speck is irrelevant, which he is.
"He's so fucking dumb too! He send me and the other bros hundreds of dollars every single fuckin day! Cause he likes being bullied. He wants to be small."
Rico takes a $100 bill and rolls the loser up in it like a joint. He smokes the loser's money, with the tiny trapped inside the bill. Rico continues to mock him. "SMOKING ur dumbass now haha!" 
He kicks back on the couch with his massive sweaty soles. The giant then puts the loser on his stinky, sweaty armpits. "Sniff that onion stink. Im gunna fart in ur face too haha"- FARTTTTTTT~ the jock lets out a juicy rip onto the tiny. "Clean my toenails - like a good little bitch." The tiny is placed between Rico's smelly toes. "Get in those stinky ass feet. Nice big whiffs you stupid, worthless bitch." After some foot torture, the jock takes off his jeans and reveals he's wearing boxer briefs. 
"Im Gonna SIT on ur dumb little ass now haha!" Rico starts butt crushing the roommate, showing him who's boss, and proving the runt is powerless. This is a rather playful scene, and Rico ends the humiliation by making him sniff his belly button, before tossing him into his mouth - only to spit him right back out on the floor. Where he belongs. 
Part One of Two. 

"Dude, I HATE My Tiny Roommate!" Part 1

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