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"Dude, I ATE My Tiny Roommate!"

16 mins


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Nonconsensual, Cereal, Vore, Mouth Play, VERBAL, Burping, Hiccups
SUMMARY: In part two of the series, Rico tosses his loser roommate into a big bowl of cereal and proceeds to eat around him. And then- swallows him whole.
PLOT: "How does it feel to know that your sole purpose in life is to be used by ME?" Rico the cruel jock roommate lifts the loser to his face, chewing on cereal sloppishly- as he drops the tiny into the bowl. 
Rico has fun taunting his dumb small roommate, as he begins burping on him. Tossing him in and out of his mouth. "OOPS! Sorry loser- BURRPPP!!" His burps continue as he drinks soda, eats cereal, and even starts regurgitating the runt towards the end of the clip. 
The jock also leans in CLOSE so you can see how big his mouth is. He presses his shrunken roommate against his huge tongue. "U Like my thick, WHITE PINK ass tongue haha!" He keeps licking him, and using him to pick his teeth. 
Rico is an extremist here- so you won't be disappointed. Also the "OOPS!" meter is high towards the end, but his cruel sarcasm just shows more of how he doesn't care about the worthless chewing gum, that he now swallows again.

"Dude, I ATE My Tiny Roommate!"

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