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Dino Eats, Belches & Verbally Dominates Tiny Roommate

Dino the cocky Giant Roommate sits back, eats and drinks soda as he rips out belches and rips on his worthless midget roommate. He taunts how because Chester refuses to help him with his homework, he will now be forced to do whatever Dino wants- including worship his feet, or take hot scolding water over his head in the shower. The verbal insults continue as Dino belches, hiccups and says Chester enjoys being teased. He even laughs that his buddy will do the same thing to him. A quick, intense verbal domination session that anyone who is a fan of Dino is sure to enjoy. 


8 minutes

Dino Eats, Belches & Verbally Dominates Tiny Roommate

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