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Deuce Swallows Tiny Nephew

"You look like you wanna be part of this banana! Haha do you, little bitch?" Deuce the thug laughs, looking down at his shrunken nephew. Not only is Deuce eating a banana, he playfully drops the loser into his popcorn. "Oops! You lost in the popcorn now. You becoming the butter now haha!" In the middle of talking about what the poor tiny will see once he's inside Deuce's Giant mouth, the jock gets a bad case of the hiccups. "HIC! HIC! Damn, excuse- HIC- me!" 


Deuce now picks his nephew out of the popcorn and begins smothering him with his tongue. "You so buttery! You like being licked don't you?" He continues to lick on him, over and over. "Haha this big giant ass tongue of mine! MMM-mm you taste good!" Soon he tosses him all the way inside his mouth. After rolling him around and moaning in pleasure, he gets the hiccups. The tiny bouncing inside the cheeks, helpless. Deuce, clueless of this attack, decides to finally put him in and back in his mouth before swallowing him down. "How does it feel being in my belly nephew?? Hahaha." Deuce pats his stomach some more, eventually getting a bad case of the hiccups again. 


14 minutes

Deuce Swallows Tiny Nephew

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