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Deuce Stomps Tiny Intruder

19 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Boots, Socks, Barefoot Crushing, Verbal Domination


SUMMARY: A tiny intruder is forced to deal with the Giant Deuce, who has no problem putting the tiny in his place- or his boots!

PLOT: Deuce returns in a brand new video, filmed in 24p, and realises a tiny inch tall intruder is on his nice hard wood floors. He stomps his big size 10 Timberland boot down, and the tiny is SO small he is literally underneath the ridges of the soles. 


"YEAH BIG ass Giant gonna crush yo ass now!" Deuce mocks. 




His big boots keep stomping down. But it's only the beginning. He takes his boots off and his sweaty black socks now crush the poor little tiny. "Smelly my stinky ass socks bitch!" He grabs the loser and tosses him into his sock and puts it back on. He also puts the boot over him and tries to really show him who's boss.


Once barefoot, the Giant Thug continues to stomp away, laughing at how helpless the intruder is. He gets down on his floor and places the tiny between his toes.


"Smell these smelly ass feet!" The Giant demands.  He then puts him back in his boot. 


Good old fashioned Giant stomping from one of our reliable studs.

Deuce Stomps Tiny Intruder

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