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Deuce Stomps Tiny Best Friend

Deuce walks into his living room in sweat pants and a sleeveless white t shirt to see his best friend has shrunk to an inch tall. Laughing at his predicament, he mocks how he's now like a Giant. He compares him to his massive size 10.5 shoes- and soon picks him up and drops him inside the shoe. "Smell that haha! Smell my stinky ass socks dude!" He then throws the show over the tiny, and then takes the shoes off to reveal worn out black socks. "I always knew you had a thing for my feet. Ever since we were friends. Now you get to see em from way down there haha!" Playfully stomping him with his socks, his slowly reveals his sweaty barefeet. Stomping and smothering him, leaving back on his leather sofa chair and mocking the tiny for being stuck inbetween his toes. He also has fun smashing him underneath his wide soles POV style under a glass table. Deuce is exceptionally strong at letting you wait for the barefeet to appear, taking his time to torture the tiny with shoes and socks first. 


21 minutes

Deuce Stomps Tiny Best Friend

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