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Denzel Shrinks Loser Teammate

24 minutes


THEMES: Giant, Shrinking, Verbal, POV, Shoe Crush, Dirty Socks, Barefoot Stomping, Butt Crush (brief), Vore (brief), Armpit, Belly Button & Muscle Play


Denzel walks into his apartment with a sleeveless red jersey. It's clear he is back from the game. And pissed they lost. All because of his teammate.


 "Timmy man you done fucked up! WHEN we on the court, pass me the fuckin ball! Everybody know Im the best player out there- not your SMALL STUPID ass!" Denzel is back from his game, and is not happy. He degrades his shorter teammate with intense insults, quick and grinding. 


"Stay in yo fuckin place!" Denzel scolds Timmy. "Matter of fact, I aint fucking withchu no more! I'm gonna turn you into the little shrimp bitch that you are." The thug shrinks him, and suddenly is an inch tall- at the mercy of a thug Giant with size 12 basketball shoes. "STOMP YO ASS OUT!!!!" Denzel says angrily, taunting the loser. "You the scum of the fuckin earth! You belong here, under these big ass feet!"


In POV, Timmy tries to scurry away. 




"AHAHAHA! You tryin to escape huh? YOU CANT get away Timmy!" The thug Giant mocks. He STOMPS his big gym shoes down towards the shrunken midget, threatening to squash him. The Giant then removes his shoes.


"Since you think u runnin it around here, NOW U gonna have to smell my STINKY ASS feet!" Denzel takes off his shoes to reveal dirty white socks. "Hoopin all day lol!!" STOMP! STOMPP! Poor Timmy can't seem to catch a break. Instead of a basketball court, he's running for his life in the foyer of his Giant Thug's apartment. The socks come off too.


"These are the feet of a KING! Nasty ass feet", Denzel smothers the loser as he continues to taunt. "Every time me and my boys are in the lockers, we LAUGH at your dumbass lol!!!" He holds one of his sweaty white socks in his hands. "I got the control. I always did. And right now IM CONTROLLING ur scrawny ass!"


Denzel starts laughing more. "HAHAHA! Poor Timmy. You didn't think THE BIG BAD THUG would end up being the BIG BAD GIANT lol!!!" He towers over the pathetic loser. "I got one sock on, one sock off! Which do you prefer haha? You get the best of both worlds."


Denzel is now fully bare foot. And he slams his dirty white scrunched up socks on the floor by the tiny. "Those muthafuckin stank! Smell like a nasty ass trash can. Smelly ass socks all over you!!" SLAM!!! He hits him with the sock hard. 


"I don't respect short people. I treat all y'all like bugs. OOPS! Didn't mean to toss you across the floor Timmy" as his foot kicks him. "Look at me while I'm talking to you. I didn't see you there!! DAMN BRO You hurting my foot man lol!" After more foot smelling, Denzel goes to the couch and kicks his dirty white socks up. HUGE size 12s. Poor Timmy trapped between the nasty fabric. 


"Smell my stanky ass, foot fungus feet! Sitting on my foot like an ant hill. LOL DUMBASS Timmy is stuck! Yea you thought we were FRIENDS? OOPS! Naw I was just using your ass." Timmy remains trapped on the socked foot of the Giant.


"Yeah bitch let me stick you in between my toes now!" Denzel is barefoot, with his massive 12s right on the table as the loser is thrown again into the grimy world of thug feet. 


The thug then does some butt crushing, sitting on top of poor Timmy over and over. "Nobody likes you AHAAHAHA!! NOBODY DUDE! You small as fuck bro. You little ass mouse." He places him on his hairy, muscular chest and laughs as the tiny rolls off towards his belly button, which Denzel easily places him in. Then he puts him into both his armpits. "Yea I feel you getting hot in there. That's cause Im all sweaty, smelly. Smell my stinky ass pits!"


Denzel starts putting the tiny through his hair on his head. "Feel these waves loser- there's nothing you can do about it either lol! How's it feel to sit on top of a Giant's head? A REAL GIANT!"

He also SMACKS Timmy with his huge hands, swatting him like a fly.


In the finale, the thug swallows the poor runt down his throat. And begins rubbing his muscular belly. "Damn I can feel you struggling inside my stomach Timmy haha!" Nice little bonus interview at the end with the cameraman asking Denzel about what it feels like to have a tiny in his belly. 


A very verbal and welcome return to one of the original JFP Giants!

Denzel Shrinks Loser Teammate

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