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Dean vs Stupid Gummy Bear

9 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Verbal Jock, Gummy Bear, Mouth Play, Vore, Spit, Burping, Barefoot in Blue Jeans


Dean sits on the couch barefoot and holding his new shrunken friend Oliver. The loser is only an inch tall, and now a dumb gummy bear. The jock takes advantage of the idiot by licking all over him and burping on him repeatedly.


“You BURRRPPP like it when…BURRPPP…I…BURRRRPPP….all over your dumbass and You got no power bro. I got all the power haha!”


Dean puts the gummy in and out of his wet maw, licking on him with his tongue and then adding other gummy bears to the mix. Lots of burping and mouth play in this one! Dean’s feet are also shown briefly but still you can see they are alpha male all the way!

Dean vs Stupid Gummy Bear

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