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Dean vs. Gummy Worms

14 minutes


THEMES: Verbal Jock, Gummy Worms, Vore, Mouth Play, Tongue Play, Burping, Drooling, Muscle Flexing


“Mmm these are some tasty ass gummies haha!” Dean has fun sitting on his perfect Pillow Top King mattress, in blue jeans, eating candy. And making intense eye contact with YOU, the viewer. He is verbal, playful and very handsome. His blue eyes are piercing, as he sticks his tongue out to taste more of the candies.


“I will always look better than you bro”, Dean says flexing his incredible muscles. The jock also savors their flavor. “MMM they just taste - so good!” Licking on them like they’re his favorite dessert ever. “I’ve never tasted anything this good before bro.” 


“You wish you were in my mouth like this, don’t you? Wish you were this fucking gummy worm.” He opens WIDE, showing off his perfect mouth and tongue. 


“Look at how tiny they are compared to my BIG ass bicep”, Dean says flexing. Shirtless, in just jeans, he loves showing off his perfect physique. “My shoulders too, wow bro.” 


Dean lets out a lot of burps towards the second half of the clip, including with the gummies in and out of his mouth. He drools and spits, all over the bed- without any care at all. 


Excellent intro video for new model Dean. If you want to get an idea of his personality, mouth, body and burping skills- check this one out. Also filmed in Cinema Mode HD on iPhone, giving it a much more lush and film-like essence to it. 

Dean vs. Gummy Worms

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