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Dean the Obedient Jock

21 minutes, 30 seconds


THEMES: Verbal Obedient Jock, POV, Power Play, Muscle Explore, Armpit Explore, Foot Explore, Jumping Jacks, Push Ups, Mouth Play, Gummy Worms, Magic 


“So if you take this magic gummy, I can order you to do anything I wish?” Asks the off-screen roommate. 


“Yep”, says Dean- a fit, beautiful jock who would never ever agree to take the magic gummy if he didn’t need a big favor from the geek. “Now if I do this, I need you to help me with my math homework.”


“I don’t believe it will work”, the roomie says. But it does!


“Clean up all that popcorn from my bed. Do it now.” 


“Yes Master Zach”, Dean complies. 


“You’re not moving fast enough.” Zach now enjoys the control he thought he would never have. 


“Do some jumping jacks. No better yet, push ups.” Dean does exactly what he’s told. In an eager, friendly manner. He even opens up wide and lets us into see his mouth, sniff his pits and smell his sweaty feet. It’s a dream too good to last. 

This is an interactive video, with both the jock and the other roommate (off camera) talking. 

Dean the Obedient Jock

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