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Dean Swallows Tiny Loser + Q & A

20 mins, 30 sec


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Verbal Jock, Vore, Mouth Play, Tongue Play, Barefoot Play, Burping (Closed & Open Mouth), Hiccups, Q & A (after the 15 min mark)


Dean is on the swim team, and his fellow teammate is obsessed with him. After Dean beats Silas (the off screen friend) in a match, he flexes in the mirror and brags about how great he is. “Fuck I look so good bro. And you keep looking at me. What, you think I’m hot or something haha!” Dean casually burps towards life sized Silas, sitting on the couch and lifting one of his bare feet towards the camera. “Fuck my feet reek bro.” 


Still wearing his red swim trunks, Dean confesses to Silas that he has magical powers- and can shrink people down to an inch tall. Before the loser can protest, Dean suddenly is holding a one inch tall helpless Silas towards his massive mouth. 


“MMM You look so yummy Silas! But let me TASTE you first.” Dean starts to smother the little dweeb with lick after lick from his huge tongue. He throws him casually into his mouth, then begins letting out HUGE burps. Over and over. With the tiny trapped by the throat. You can see how big the Giant’s mouth is with Silas stuck.


After back and forth mouth play, the jock finally gets bored and swallows Silas down to his muscular stomach. “You liked how I looked on the outside- how about the INSIDE?” Silas is now part of Dean - forever. 


Done as a commission. 

Dean Swallows Tiny Loser + Q & A

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