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Dean Punishes Tiny Teammate

12 Minutes


THEMES: Giants, Doll, Barefoot Play, Verbal Jock, Armpit Play, Stomping


Dean, a well known jock, resorts to an extreme act of punishment against his teammate who failed to secure a victory in the game. With a touch of science fiction, Dean somehow manages to shrink his teammate to the size of a Ken Doll. 


What follows is an unsettling display of dominance as Dean proceeds to assert his power by stepping on his shrunken teammate, with his stinky bare feet. This act not only showcases Dean’s cruel nature, but also highlights the toxic dynamics that can exist within competitive environments, where individuals may resort to drastic measures to assert their superiority. 


Dean also stuffs the loser into his sweaty armpits, and is verbal throughout the whole clip! 


Dean Punishes Tiny Teammate

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