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Dean BURPS On Your Face - POV

16 minutes


THEMES: Verbal Jock, POV, Burping (Open & Closed Mouth), Smells, Muscle Flexing, Barefoot Play, Farting (Dean let’s a few rip)


“Oh Bro, see if you can smell what I had for breakfast- BURRRPPP!” Dean the jock smirks. He’s powerful, young and has big muscles. At only 21, he’s so much better than you are.


“I heard you like it when jocks BURRPP in your face lol?? Really bro?” Dean keeps burping playfully into the camera, knowing you love the power he has over you. He can burp on command, with soda only adding to his incredible skills. 


“BURRAPPP! Oh fuck, that one was good! You like when a big sexy man just burps in your face huh? By a big powerful man?” 


“You’re so pathetic- who wants to get burped on?” The jock selfishly burps on you again, knowing you’re under his spell. “You wish you be me. And that’s why you’re letting me burp in your fuckin face.”


Dean also kicks his perfect bare feet up towards you, as he continues to burp and burp. Wiggling his toes, he looks like a true God.


One of the MOST beautifully filmed scenes JFP has done. The lighting is perfect. Filmed in Cinema Mode- 1080 60p, with crisp colors and a richer feel to the movie. Dean explodes off the screen. Also the context is perfectly executed by the jock, as he burps and burps and burps- like it’s nothing! 

Dean BURPS On Your Face - POV

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