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Cowboy Crushing Carson!

6 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Cowboy Boot Stomping, VERBAL, Small Buildings, Small Trees


"Howdy- I'm Carson. I'm here for all your Cowboy Crushin' needs. I stomp small towns that are causin' you trouble. I'm expensive- but worth it. I'll even take care of the trees for ya too."


Carson wears his sexy cowboy hat, blue jeans and powerful black boots. After sitting in his leather lazyboy, he gets up and demonstrates his stomping skills on a few pitiful buildings. They are about 4-6 inches tall, but to Giant Carson they're like stomping eggs.




"Well God damn- I guess I didn't know my own strength haha!" Carson laughs and keeps grinding in the pieces of the house he just smashed. He's so superior to these weak ass buildings. 


He stomps another one- major! Then picks up a pine tree and SMOKES it. He kicks his cowboy boots up on the table and just poses- shirtless- his six pack abs glistening in the sunlight. He takes a pine tree and starts flexing with it trapped between his strong biceps.


This is a nice introductory clip of Carson's stomping skills and a great low price. 




Cowboy Crushing Carson!

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