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Exploring My Giant Friend

28 minutes 


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, Consensual, PlayFul Giant, POV, Explore, Foot Play, Armpit Play, Muscle Worship, Mouth Play, Tongue Action, Slow-Mo effects


This video is perfect for those that always wanted to have a giant roommate, lover, or best friend. Jason is extra wholesome in this video as he lets his tiny friend explore his body and enjoy what makes a giant…well GIANT. In this video we see Jason’s body fully explored from his rough feet to his massive mouth. All while Jason encourages the little guy more and more. He does tease a bit, but really does care for his tiny friend. The two of which make the perfect pair. 


Jason comes back from the gym DRENCHED in sweat. Huge pit stains can be seen on his shirt as he kicks his dirty sneakers onto the table. He discusses with the interviewer what it is like to live with a tiny, and honestly he loves it. They both get along nicely and help each other out. He knows the tiny man has a thing for him but thinks it is kind of cute. Knowing the little guy wants to explore, Jason is happy to obliged. 


“Want to start at my feet” Jason asks as he peels off his socks


The camera shakes in response, clearly the man does. 


“Ok, but the stench might be overwhelming” and the wet socks drop to the ground with a plop.


His huge stompers are on full display, the skin shimmering from the layer of sweat. His toes wiggle back and forth sending the lint to fall to the ground. His toes spread and contract as he teases the little guy asking for a foot massage and more. 


“Well Tim, since you look like you are done with my feet, you wanna explore my armpits?” Jason smiles, his perfect face causing hearts to flutter. The camera shakes quickly and Jason quickly removes his shirt. 


To say it is a forest is an understatement. Jason’s armpits are like the rainforest. Dark hairs tower upwards and the skin beneath can barely be seen. 


“Go ahead, explore my musty, stinky, jock armpits tim!” Jason encourages. He is right too, those pits are steamy. The camera itself fogs slightly as they get close. Tim is lucky he doesn’t pass out from the intense smell. Jason gives Tim plenty of time to explore both of his furry pits before heading to the main room to get some extra core work in. 


Tim is placed on the floor and can only stare in awe at Jason. The titan easily dwarfs everything. His toes alone are larger than Tim. Yet that doesn’t cause the little man to flee, instead he gets as close to Jason as possible. Watching as the bulbous booty fights to escape his shorts with each squat. The handsome face inches away from his own with each pushup. Those monolithic feet covered in dirt as Jason does his stretches. He truly is a god made man. 


Without warning, Jason snatches him off the ground.


“Welp, getting kind of hungry” Jason says and Tim starts freaking out.

“Oh don’t worry little guy, I am not that kind of giant!” He says before heading to the kitchen. 


Jason starts by letting Tim get a look at his mouth. His wet mouth was perfectly illuminated and that dark pit was in full display. Tim is thankfully that he isn’t going down that chasm, digesting alive is a horrid fate for a tiny. Yet Jason is true to his word and pulls Tim out as he starts to eat. 


“Hey Tim, I got something stuck in my teeth. Can you pull it out?”  Jason asks


Before Tim can even respond he is shoved into the messy mouth. Chewed up food litters the region and the smell is eye-watering. Tim works quickly to get the masticated bits out of the teeth and Jason is thankful for his help. With a full stomach, Jason is ready for his mid-day nap. Taking Tim to the bed, he plops the guy onto his chest. 


“Hey I appreciate your help earlier, as a reward have fun exploring!” Jason says as he passes out. 


Tim uses all the time in the world to fully explore his sleeping buddy. No body part is left unturned in the close-ups. His mouth, furry pits, hairy legs, towering bulge, perfectly shaped abs, and mountainous pecs are all toyed with. All the while Jason snores in the background. Tired and happy, Tim decides to nap as well. Cuddling down between Jason’s pecs, he drifts to sleep. Enjoying the rocking motion of the titan’s breathing.


Adapted by MaxTiny.

Exploring My Giant Friend

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