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Ari's Revenge: Shrinking Teammate

15 minutes


THEMES: Shrinking, M/M, Gym Shoes, White Socks, Barefoot Crushing, Verbal Taunting


Custom! Ari sits on his leather reclining seats in shorts, white socks and black gym shoes with red shoelaces. "You thought it was funny to egg my car dude? Well, now I'm going to show you what I find funny." Ari lifts an inch tall loser to his face. "You'll never mess with me again, and in fact - I think this experience might change you a LITTLE bit haha."

Ari then tells the tiny he's going to make him worship, lick and marry his feet. "Your team lost dude, and you thought you could take your frustrations out on me? Well now I'm gonna take my frustrations out on you!" 


"Look at these Giant basketball shoes. They're sweaty, stinky, the socks have gotten discolored. And now you're gonna learn what it means when you disrespect a Giant." Ari rubs the tiny on his massive shoe as he taunts him. "You're gonna get familiar with every inch of these feet, before I make you live in my shoes haha." Ari then kicks his shoes off, revealing the dirty white socks. "It's been a long day playing basketball, getting my feet all smelly. And I think you should smell them. I could have just beaten you up for what you did, but this is better." He rubs the loser all over his massive socks. "You're gonna smell every inch of these disgusting, socked feet! You're gonna work your way from my toes- don't you like how they smell haha? Then Im gonna cram you right in between my toes. 

Work your way licking each one of my toes. Then slowly going down to the rest of my feet- there's a lot to cover."


Eventually Ari takes his smelly socks off, and all you see are his big 14s surrounding the worthless bug. "I do play a little rough- hope you're ready little man haha!" He casually rubs him around all his toes. Squeezing his toes, talking about them. Enanciating every phrase he speaks in a dominant, demanding manner. The jock ends the scene stretching his feet together on the floor right in the camera, and then drops the little in his basketball shoes. 

Ari's Revenge: Shrinking Teammate

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