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Cody Swallows Tiny Roommate

Cody the cruel, jock roommate is holding his pathetic 1/2 inch tall roommate in his massive hands. "You're too small to hang out with the guys man, you're like the size of our dicks!" As he laughs, he begins blowing air on the tiny, laughing at his predicament. He finally casually begins opening his mouth wide, saying how easily it would be to throw him in. Eventually, that's exactly what happens. Soon the Giant has the little trapped in his wet, humid mouth. He rolls him around his tongue, takes him back out and then back in- and eventually gets a bad case of the hiccups. It's all a big joke to the big jock - and soon the tiny is going down the Giant's throat and into his belly. All the while, Cody can't help but laugh and laugh.


14 minutes

Cody Swallows Tiny Roommate

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