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Cody Stomps Tiny Roommate

NEW MODEL Cody, standing 6'3, checks himself out in the mirror and flexes his muscles. He's your typical jock, sweaty, manly and a very nonchalant attitude. Wearing flip flops and dirty white socks, he discovers his puny 1/2 inch tall roommate on the floor. Mocking his small size, Cody compares the size of his whole foot to the puny guy. Then he slides his flips off, and literally engulfs the loser with his socks. "Smelly my dirty ass, stained white socks!" He laughs. The helpless guy can do nothing but lay there and take it all in. Soon Cody's socks come off to reveal some very rank, sweaty size 13 feet. As they stomp over him, Cody laughs that his roommate likes smelling stinky feet. "Haha, I'm a fucking Giant compared to you! The runt of the group. Everyone picks on you!" He gets on the floor, putting the tiny inbetween his massive toes, laughing uncontrollably and finally putting the mouse boy in his flip flops and walking around with the speck trapped in the insoles. VERY dominant jock, lot's of foot scenes and a new hot jock! #jockfoothumiliation 


15 mins.

Cody Stomps Tiny Roommate

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