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Cody Eats Helpless Gummy Bears

Cody the Giant Jock walks into the living room to discover a pile of helpless, defenseless gummy bears sitting on the table. "Ha, you guys are no match for a Giant!" He laughs, easily tossing them into his cavernous mouth- one by one. He drinks Pepsi while swallowing them whole, describing how they land on his tongue- and then glide down his slimy, wet throat. He even points to his adam's apple, showing how they're all going down into his massive stomach. He belches as he eats them, commenting how he's getting stuffed- but he's going to keep eating them until they're all gone. At one point he even kicks up his smelly white tube socks on the bed. Great views of Cody's big mouth, and hot verbal domination


12 minutes

Cody Eats Helpless Gummy Bears

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