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Cody Drops Tiny Roommate in Cereal & Eats Him

It's breakfast time, the most important meal of the day. Too bad a tiny little bitch is sitting by a massive bowl of cereal. Cody the Giant Jock lazily walks in, noticing his roommate and just mocking his size. He picks him up and "Oops! Sorry dude!" drops him into the bowl. Then he pours milk over him. As the tiny tries to move, he can't - and is forced to wait as Cody begins eating. "Sit your ass right there, and watch your BIG roommate eat!" He's a monster as he shoves the food in his gullet, a true Giant. "I bet you wish you were one of the cheerios- so you could fall down my throat!" Cody laughs at this, stuffing more cereal into his massive mouth, while his pathetic tiny roommate lays in the bowl helpless. Cody eats so rapidly that he doesn't even know where the little runt went. "Haha I think I ate him! Can't find him anywhere. Might have to drink some of this milk to find out." As he continues, he finally see's the little bitch at the bottom of the bowl. "Oh, there you are! Haha! Last but not least." Cody then casually tosses the tiny into his mouth while he pours himself a second bowl. Then he spits the tiny back in the bowl. "Round two dude." Eating more cereal rapidly, he finally finishes it off with only the little dude left. Licking the spoon, he downs his roommate to the back of his gullet and swallows him. It's tough being 1/2 an inch tall in a world full of Giants.


12 minutes

Cody Drops Tiny Roommate in Cereal & Eats Him

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