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Cody Butt Crushes & Foot Smothers

Cody the Giant Jock is shirtless, flexing his massive muscles and showing off an amazing 6'3 body. He notices on the table next to him a one inch tall former teammate, now not only minuscule in size but also transformed into a pathetic plastic doll. After comparing him to his massive flip flop, Cody has other plans. "I could easily just sit on your tiny ass!" He laughs, and then wearing only his boxers- he does just that. His huge, big butt easily slams down on the puny loser, as Cody laughs uncontrollably at the tiny's circumstances. Different angles get Cody coming back for more, sarcastically pretending he didn't mean to bounce up and down on the guy. "Oh, Oops! Sorry little dude. Didn't see you under my ass like that!" His butt comes down again, and again, and again. After severe humiliation, Cody kicks off his flip flops and surrounds both his big size 13 feet next to the little. "Man my feet fuckin stink!" He laughs more, knowing there's nothing the little can do.


11 minutes

Cody Butt Crushes & Foot Smothers

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