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Chase Watches TV: Feet, Burping, Mouthplay

Chase kicks back his massive barefeet to watch cartoons featuring Giants chasing tinies. He mocks the tiny in the cartoon as if its his own little roommate, adding commentary on how he's like the Giant. After just watching, the clip gets more intense. Chase picks up his tiny roommate and starts putting him on his tongue, burping on him, hiccuping, taunting and almost swallowing. The same cartoon plays, but Chase plays worse and soon the little is covered in the jock's saliva. "Yeah, you like being on this big pink ass tongue, in my Giant ass mouth." This clip, like all the TV reactions, is more experimental and focuses a lot on how the jock reacts to seeing other Giants. With this one, Chase burps A LOT, as well as a strong 4 minute opening of him kicking back his massive soles. 


18 minutes

Chase Watches TV: Feet, Burping, Mouthplay

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