Chase Ultimate Package: Feet, Vore, Gummy, Unaware

NOTE: These are all previously uploaded videos with the same content and title. 


Get four (4) Chase videos in One (1)! 


Chase Foot Shrunken Roommate - 16 Minutes


Chase the Giant Jock stomps into the hallway with his dirty, worn sneakers and discovers his shrunken roommate lying on the floor. Teasingly, he compares how small he is to his massive size 13s. He takes his shoes off and laughs. "Smell my dirty ass, stinky socks loser haha." He can encase the little runt so easily under his huge soles. 


After some sock humiliation, he takes them off to reveal two very sweaty, smelly feet. Monsters compared to the pathetic tiny. He stomps on him a few times, before acting sarcastic about doing it. "OOPS! Sorry little guy. Won't do that again ahaha." He even sits on the floor, and places the little in-between his lint encased toes. Toes so big, they even tower over the minion. Then it's off to the bedroom where Chase actually scotch tapes his tiny roommate under one of his massive soles. He kicks back on the bed and taunts how the loser has no option now but to breathe in his natural foot stink. "Smelly my stinky ass feet. Do it loser."


Chase Vs. Tiny Gummy Bears - 12 minutes


Chase the Giant jock discovers a plate of helpless tiny gummy bears at his massive size 13.5 barefeet. They're sweaty, sticky and ready to play Giant with these worthless beings. Chase laughs by pretending to step around the gummies before eventually putting a couple down on the floor and stomping them over and over. He then proceeds to take the rest of them and swallow them. He opens his massive mouth and you can see how big and wide his big pink throat is- and his huge tongue. He eats quite a few. You even get shots of his Adam's apple as they go down this throat. His pink, big lips an