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Chase the Giant Robot

Ever wanted the ultimate in male perfection? How about your own personal droid to do your bidding, allow you to order them around, and perform other things for your enjoyment- like a foot massage, or stomp! A client takes a journey west to purchase a robot called iJock, invented by a man named Dr Firestone. The invention is simple- a droid that looks like a hot jock. With the simple implant of a microchip, this model can take commands and looks and feels human. 


The client excitedly admits on his 30-Day trial run that he is actually a scientist. He admits this to the robot he has chosen named Chase. After asking Chase various questions about his build, and touching his huge size 13 feet, he asks is he can shrink in front of the hot droid. After going from normal size to barely an inch tall, in POV style he explores the jock's body. Chase opens his mouth to show him how big it is. He shows him how big his eyes are. He allows the tiny to stand on his hand. But then something trigger's the robot's inner mind to change from Good Giant- to Evil Giant. "Oh, so you want me to crush you huh?" Chase smiles down. The poor client now is helpless as the jock towers over him, easily stomping him with his big barefeet.


Back in the laboratory, Dr Firestone questions his creation about if he remembers what he did to the client. "I don't understand." Replies the droid. Intense, haunting escape into the land of robotics and Giants combined. Original music, transitions and a voice-over will have you dreaming of more robots to come.


NOTE: Background music is used for half the video to intensify the themes happening on screen.  


11 minutes, 45 seconds

Chase the Giant Robot

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