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Chase the Dentist

Based on the story The Dentist on, a patient fantasizes about the man of his dreams in a waiting room. Turns out, the fantasy is Chase- a young, successful and HOT dentist. The patient voice-overs just why he loves this jock so much, and then is summoned into the doctor's office. "Happy birthday", Chase smiles at his patient. "Oh, thank you." Chase compliments that the two of them are both Gemini males, before looking concerned at his charts. "It shows here you have quite a few cavities. Have you been chewing gum?" "Unfortunately yes, I have. I went to a lot of parties." Chase is not happy. He opens his mouth wide to the timid patient, to show "what a real man's clean mouth should look like." Chase's mouth is huge. A massive, deep throat. High, strong roof of the mouth, clean teeth- and a thick, pink tongue. Glistening with saliva. After performing some work on his patient's mouth, Chase smiles deviously and shrinks the patient to only an inch tall. "Since you like to chew gum so much, why not become the gum yourself?" Before the patient can react, he's turned into bubble gum- and tossed into the jock's huge mouth. Rolled around on his tongue, and stuck by molars and a deep gullet waiting to swallow him whole. Chase just chuckles the whole time, before swallowing him down to his stomach. But was it all a dream? Intense, hot fantasy including original music, POV, vore and a story loosely based on the popular tale on the Giant website. 


15 minutes

Chase the Dentist

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