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Carson Swallows Helpless Gummies
17 minutes

THEMES: Giants, RAW footage (no edits), Interview, Mouth Play, Vore, Tongue, M/M
"What made you want to be a Giant?" the CameraMan asks.
"I Like the feeling of being BIGGER than everybody." Carson responds cockily. 
"It gives me the power. Power is good haha!" 
"Well open wide so we can see the tongue and teeth. And start chewing on some gummy bears."
The 6'2 muscle stud complies, smirking as he munches on them. "They taste really good."
"What would you do to a village of gummy bears?" The interviewer inquires.
"Well I'd have to scare 'em. Break their houses, so they have nowhere to hide. And then just eat them."
The video is a back and forth conversation between the director and jock, and being the first film shot- it's fresh and you get a sense of Carson's personality. 
He also has an amazing mouth. He opens wider, stuffing more gummies. "Let's see how much I can fit in my mouth!" His tongue is soft, pink, wet and welcoming to the little gummies. 
"There's plenty of space in here haha!" Carson laughs. This video is a must for any mouth fan, and also anyone who wants to see the jock's voice style (deep voice). 

Carson Swallows Helpless Gummies

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