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Carson's Revenge: Stomped Out!
13 minutes
THEMES: Giants, M/M, POV, Shrinking, Verbal, Sandal Stomping, Barefoot Crushing, Bloopers, Custom
Carson is really mad! He just found out that the girl he's dating has a bratty brother- who lied about him cheating on her. He confronts the brother (and his loser friends). "You all did this?? You said I was fucking other women? You're not gonna get away with it dude!" He magically SHRINKS them down to an inch tall. And it only gets worse.
Wearing smelly sandals, the jock smirks down. "HAHA! We're gonna play a game now. You have 10 seconds to run away from me, and I won't stomp you out. Otherwise, STOMP!" He playfully pounds one of his feet hard on the wooden floors. 
"I'm gonna make YOU watch your friends play the game first buddy", Carson says- but suddenly he can't find any of them. "Where did you little fuckers go?? Scared of the big bad GIANT? I'll find you!" He searches, bending down to the kitchen, looking under chairs. Finally he catches one hiding behind a corner wall. "There you are. TOO LATE BUDDY!"
The first friend is stomped out. Carson laughs, and grabs a chair and sits on it backwards. "Now you little dude. 10 seconds. Ready- go!" The tiny runs (POV) as Carson mocks he's a Giant. "FE FI FO FUMMM!!!" He's barefoot now, and the tiny is no match for this Giant. The jock stomps him out too, and everything goes black.
"Just you left bro", Carson says to the sister's brother. "And yeah, I AM fucking other girls behind her back! You just wish you could be as hot as me, and do the same thing. I should bring my friends over so we can all take turns stomping you haha! But I'm not growing you back. You lose."

Carson's Revenge: Stomped Out!

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