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Carson Flexes, Belly Bloats & Burps!

11 minutes, 30 sec


THEMES: POV, Cameraman interview, Blue Jeans, VERBAL Jock, Exercises, Pushups, Armpit, Belly Bloating, BURPING (a lot) 


"BURRRPPP!! FUCK I feel so powerful- BWARRPP!! It's like every time I BURPPPP, my muscles get BIGGER!"


Shirtless in just blue jeans, this powerful jock burps massive, explosive belches while flexing his killer biceps, abs. He shows off his masculinity and superior body- demonstrating various ways to keep in shape like him. "I bet you wish you had muscles this nice hahaha- BURRRPP!!!" He starts even putting his hairy armpits towards the camera, before whipping around and showing how powerful his back muscles are.


"My favorite thing BURRRPP - to do at the gym- is BEEENNCCCHHUURPPP PRESS!"


Anyone into burping- this has a TON of them. Anyone into seeing a hot, long haired adonis in jeans showing off ALL HIS amazing skills and perfect body, this is also for you!


"How do you know how to burp so well?" The cameraman asks. 


"Cuz I'm just better haha- I can do anything." Carson burps again, cockily laughing and bloating his muscular stomach out.


In the second part of the video, Carson relaxes in front of the camera- and starts to bloat his amazing belly in and out - as the burps keep coming! Incredible lighting, filmed in Cinema Mode on the newest iPhone.


NOTE: Cameraman interaction. 

Carson Flexes, Belly Bloats & Burps!

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