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Carson Burps & Eats Donuts

12 minutes


THEMES: M/M, POV, Food Stuffing, Burping, Hiccups, Verbal Humiliation, Feet (brief)


SUMMARY: Carson kicks back and eats donuts, while burping obnoxiously towards his roommate on a diet. “Too bad you can’t have any loser BURRRPPP!! BAARRAPPP!! BURRRRP!” Carson is beast, and talks with his mouth full as he continues to eat and burp, showing no manners. A man’s man. 


This is definitely a nonstop burping video for those into hot jocks eating and being verbal and piggish. Hiccups as well. And towards the end Carson kicks his feet up briefly while he still eats. 

Carson Burps & Eats Donuts

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