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Carlos Stomps Tiny Villagers

Carlos the cocky Giant stomps into his living room to discover a shrunken down city at his barefeet. The whole skyline isn't even the size of one of his massive soles, and after comparing the foot to the town, the Latino God easily stomps down on the buildings, causing them to collapse. "Fe Fi Fo Fum!" Carlos laughs! "Sorry about that, guess I'm too big a Giant." He playfully puts the town back together again, only to stomp it over again. After messing with the buildings, it's on to the little, pathetic 1/2 inch tall people. So many of them stick to his smelly, sweaty feet as he looms over them like a beast. He even gets on the floor sitting with his legs crossed, and wearing just his black boxers- drops a few inside of them. "I know that's the perfect place for you to be." Carloslaughs. He puts other inbetween his manly armpits, and kicks the rest around. Finally he settles on puny cars- not only crushing them with his barefeet, but also his Puma gym shoes. After all the humiliation, Carlos is hungry for one last snack- and picks up a little car and tosses it in his mouth. He ends the scene rubbing his belly. The city was never a match for this Giant! 


6 minutes

Carlos Stomps Tiny Villagers

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