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Carlos Foot Tortures Shrunken Son

Wearing business attire and Calvin Klein leather dress shoes, Carlos the Giant Father walks into the living room to notice his puny, 1/2 inch tall son on the floor. "Fe Fi Fo Fum!" He bellows sarcastically. "Jakey Jake! The runt of the family." He starts stepping on him with his shoes, which quickly cause an arm to fall off. Then he slides off one of his shoes and places the little loser inside- walking around with him. After the humiliation of being stuck in his father's sweaty shoes, Carlos drops him back on the floor and stomps him over and over again with his smelly, manly barefeet. He gets on the floor and plays with him too- constantly reminding him how worthless he is, and what an easy toy he is to play with. After then kicking his dress shoes up on the table, he once again drops his son into his shoe and then onto the surface, smothering him with his big foot POV style. The HOTTTEST Father/Tiny Son clip to date from Jock Foot Productions!


18 minutes

Carlos Foot Tortures Shrunken Son

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