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Carlos Dominates with Big Smelly Rugby Shoes & Barefeet

Carlos is here for you to serve! This Latino rugby jock, a former fraternity bully, has nasty, worn out rugby sneakers and stinky, sweaty size 11s ready for worship. He begins by introducing himself to you, talking about how sweaty he is. Sniffing his own armpits, and mentions how his meaty toes have been inside his shoes for over 6 hours. In POV shots sizzling, he towers over the camera - comparing himself to a mighty Giant. He taunts you, saying you don't deserve to be at his feet at all. When he finally takes off his shoes, he forces you to sniff them through the camera. You can practically whiff them right there. His barefeet are manly, yellow at the bottom, calloused and all for you to clean and obey. He pushes his feet on your face and laughs that you're dick is getting hard. He demands you to cum - and even starts humiliating you in Spanish. A clip NOT to be missed. 


10 minutes

Carlos Dominates with Big Smelly Rugby Shoes & Barefeet

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