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Carlo Butt Crushes & Stomps Tiny Teammates

Carlos the mighty Giant towers over his helpless, shrunken teammates- who find themselves only one inch tall. Since they just got finished playing a sweaty game of rugby ball, Carlos taunts them for their size, putting them right by his massive cleats and laughing how there's nothing they can do about it. Soon it's off with the cleats, as the two little midgets are stepped on repeatedly by smelly jock feet. Carlos even mentions how the guys used to make fun of him for having stinky feet- and now they're getting up close and personal. Soon Carlos throws the littles onto a glass table, flexes his ass cheeks for the camera- and begins butt crushing the tinies as you get amazing POV views of this Latino's thick, juicy ass smothering them. Carlos even puts them inbetween his armpits for total humliation.


11 minutes

Carlo Butt Crushes & Stomps Tiny Teammates

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