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Calvin & the Beanstalk

12 minutes 30 sec


Custom Video! Calvin's best friend Oliver shrinks down to an inch tall, and to his amusement, he learns of his pal's foot fetish. "With your nasty ass! You wanna go to the fucking beanstalk?" He playfully places the tiny between his toes and walks over to his green houseplant, which to the little dude looks just like the big stalk in the fairy tale. "FE FI FO FUM!!!!" He makes playful pounding noises with his feet. He has put his friend in the plant so he can 'discover' him. All their lives, his buddy had liked acting out this fantasy, but Calvin found it interesting that he was always the role of the Giant in the games. Now the game has become a reality. 


Calvin also lays on the wooden floor by the stalk and kicks his big smelly feet towards the camera, with poor Oliver trapped inbetween the toes. "Smell my stinky ass feet, yeah that's right" the Giant taunts.  "Smelly these stinky ass feet. Jack and the muthafuckin Beanstalk."

Calvin & the Beanstalk

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