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Calvin's Unaware Foot Crush

"I dunno where my tiny ass roommate is haha", laughs Calvin the thug on the phone with one of his friends. It's a hot summer day. So hot, that Calvin wears shoes with no socks. Wearing sweaty boat shoes, he kicks them up on the coffee table, unbeknownst that right next to his huge size 11.5s his 1/2 inch roommate sits. Calvin eventually kicks of the shoes to reveal some smelly, stinky thug feet. Wiggling his toes, he continues to laugh about how small his roommate is, how easily he can get swallowed or stepped on, before accidentally kicking the loser on the floor, and smothering him. After he gets off the phone, he discovers his little roommate had been under his feet the whole time. He decides to put him in his shoe.


15 minutes

Calvin's Unaware Foot Crush

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