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Calvin Foot & Mouth Tortures Tiny Roommate
In a POV video, Calvin the Thug is walking around in smelly white socks in his kitchen when he discovers a tiny man scattering around the floor. "Who the fuck there? Ah man it's you roomie!" He laughs down at the one inch man, mocking his size."Talkin' bout you my roommate. Naw muthafucka you my bitch! This is cell block in here. Feet block. You so small you musta came through the key hole hahaha." He then mocks him more, saying "FE FI FO FUM!!!" Knowing it only humiliates the loser more.

"Smell my dirty ass socks. I don't even wear shoes, I just go outside." The tiny is right underneath the grimy socks, inhaling their sour, manly scent and engulfed in ecstasy. After he's done stomping around in white socks, he lifts the tiny to his mouth and threatens to swallow him. "Down my pink ass throat" He laughs- gobbling up the tiny POV style so you feel like you're in the action.

The finale is intense - as Calvin kicks back barefoot, laughing that his roommate is about to worship his feet.  He laughs harder and harder, and his feet are all in the tiny man's face. Calvin's most verbal to date.


16 minutes

Calvin Foot & Mouth Tortures Tiny Roommate

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