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Calvin Butt Crushes & Stomps Tiny Village

"What the fuck? A tiny ass city at my big fucking feet!" Laughs Calvin the Thug Giant, who has no issues kicking the buildings down with his dirty bare soles and mocking how it's like a bowling alley- with the buildings being the pins he can knock down. After much abuse from his feet, the Giant moves on to the little villagers. Easily sticking to his sweaty feet, he pushes them on a glass surface and stomps on them over and over, taunting that he's the Giant coming to get them. "Fe Fi Fo Fum!!!" He laughs. Then he butt crushes them, also on the glass, so you get a full POV of what its like being stuck under it. In just loose boxers, you hear Calvin laugh uncontrollably as he ass smashes down. "Smell what I had for dinner last night muthafucka? Hahahaha". After torturing with his body ends, Calvin kicks up his barefeet on the table for the final minute to tell you to sniff them.


14 minutes

Calvin Butt Crushes & Stomps Tiny Village

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