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Bug Slave: Two

14 minutes


THEMES: Giants, Shrinking, VERBAL, Barefoot Play, Hand Play, Mouth Play, Vore, Muscle Explore, Armpits


For those who like some hand play intermixed with their other kinks - THIS IS FOR YOU!


The long awaited sequel to the first Bug video! And this time there are TWO of them. One of the shrunken dudes is Austyn’s friend. The other is his RIVAL. Austyn walks in and kicks off his shoes, his massive barefeet towering over the losers. Those nasty, large soles slam down onto the bugs over and over again. Each thud is picked up by the camera as the tons of weight come crashing down.


The jock titan first throws the mants onto his desk- where he compares the two. “Bro, you’re my friend- haha but this is still too funny!” Austyn hand plays with them, toying with the idiots.  Those nasty, large soles slam down onto the bug over and over again. Each thud is picked up by the camera as the tons of weight come crashing down. Once each of them is thoroughly marinated, Austyn snatches his rival up and on and throws him onto the table. 


The titan proceeds to toy with the little guy with his huge hands. He spins the little guy between his fingers before letting him fall onto the table. Laughing, the titan continues to lift the mant high into the air and drop him. He is in full control of this dude’s life. Tossed between the hands, smashed onto the table, and squeezed into a fist. Each finger is larger than the tiny’s entire body. Then he smashes him out with his big water bottle. “AWWW HE’s GONE! JUST YOU left now buddy!”


Austyn ups the stakes and starts to rub his friend all across his perfect body. The little guy gets to experience this jock stud front and center. The runt is rubbed and tangled in the musky armpits. The fur tickling the face, his head is used to stimulate Austyn’s nipples, rubbed across the glistening stomach and rock hard abs; just a ton of new experiences for the little guy. 


With the little guy beat up and slathered in his sweat. Austyn pops him into his mouth and savors the flavor. The titan moans and toys with the little guy, you can hear him smashing against the teeth and more. Wet slurping noises echo in the camera as he sucks off all the dirt and grime from the tiny man. 


Yet the experience isn’t over. Nice and clean, Austyn proceeds to use his feet once more. He rubs the wet tiny through each of his toes making sure to clean out all the toe jam. His meaty stompers in full view as he wiggles his toes for the camera. Scrunching and squeezing the little man until he is about to pop. Yet Austyn isn’t out to destroy his own friend, and pulls him out at the last minute. 


The jock stud makes a tiny bath in a bottle cap and proceeds to wash the loser. “Yeah there you go haha!”. He holds him under a bit joking that he will drown the dude, but it is just a joke. Once nice and cleaned, he then juggles the runt back and forth. Really just showing off how much power he has over the tiny. 


After a fun evening of using the little dude. Austyn heads to his room and places his favorite toy on the pillow next to him. 


“Night little dude” he saves before passing out. 


His tiny servant wouldn’t have it any other way.


Adapted by MaxTiny.


Bug Slave: Two

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