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Bug Slave

13 minutes


THEMES: Custom, VERBAL Jock, M/M, Nonconsensual, Shrinking, Shoe, Sock & Barefoot Crushing & Smelling, Mouth Tease (brief), Armpits, Muscle Play


Austyn is a giant that you do not want to miss. This blond haired cocky stud is perfect for those looking for that dominant jock that just laughs as they beg for mercy. 


Coming back to his room Austyn flexes and shows off his perfect body. His tanned muscles flex and bulge as he poses for the camera. All angles of this hot stud are shown as he gleefully shows off his physic. That is until he learns of the various tinies. 


Austyn busts open the door still wearing his paint from the game. The sweaty god stomps about the room before snatching up a tiny man. He threatens to eat and destroy the little guy. Holding him up to his plump lips and showing off his massive teeth. 


“I really could go for some protein right now” he says with a sadistic grin across his face. 


However he has much worse ideas for the tiny guy. He tosses the screaming tiny to the ground and slams his feet down next to him. One by one he starts to strip off his shoes and socks. He drops them around the scrambling small, at one point his sweat-soaked sock CRASHING onto the fleeing tiny. 


“Oops my bad” he chuckles as he continues to strip to his glistening feet. 


With his musky feet exposed, Austyn starts to toy with the tiny man. Pressing the guy into the carpet fibers and making him experience the full weight of a titan. 


“Yeah you stupid bug, I am the god here and you have to sniff my feet” Austyn demands as he scrunches the man between his toes and more. 


The crashing foot continues to torment the little guy over and over. The heavy heel shakes the camera as he smashes it down onto the prone tiny. Austyn is a cruel god in a world of smalls. Yet that is just the beginning. The jock picks up the man and presses him into the crook of his arm. With a FLEX his mountainous bicep rises and starts to squish the tiny. The laughs of the titan just showing how much he enjoys dominating those lesser than him. 


Austyn then swaps to a full body tour. Lifting his arm up, he reveals a forest of pit hairs. He presses the tiny man into his sweat-soaked pit and rubs him all around. He intends to mark the small man with his body and this is just the first stage. Once finished with his pits, Austyn rubs the man up and down his pecs, abs, and stomach. The little man is like a sponge absorbing all the sweat of the superior being. Then Austyn brings the crying man back to his massive stompers. 


He uses his toes to crush and squeeze the life out of the tiny. Pressing in on all sides as he forces the man to inhale that rank foot stench. This is what happens to tinies that are captured by the blond jock. Even when Austyn is tired of directly tormenting the man. He doesn’t give the little guy a break. Dropping the man into his socks, he places them back on and slams his foot into his sneaker. He is about to go for a LONG run and wishes for the tiny loser to survive.


Adapted by MaxTiny.

Bug Slave

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