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BryZilla! City Attack
19 minutes - CUSTOM!
THEMES: Giant, POV, Tiny City, Cars, Tiny People, Sandal Crushing, Barefoot Crushing, Upshots

For big stomps and lots of destruction. This is for you!


The scene opens with Bry getting interviewed about being a titan. The massive jock just relishes in the fact that nothing can stop his rampages. He discusses how much he loves himself and everything he produces. Even going so far to pick up his shoes and take a nice whiff of it. 


“God I love the smell of my sandals” he says moaning. 


However, as the interview comes to an end. Bry stands up and does what he does best. Stomping out mant cities. 


"FEE FII FOO FUMMM!!!!" Brad roars.


Coming across some cars and buildings. The titanic stud quickly gets to work. 


“I want you to fucking beg!” he demands as he slams he foot next to a prone car.


One by one he starts snuffing out the runts. Picking up one and lifting the man high into the sky before letting go. Laughing as the man splatters on the ground. He grabs a fleeing couple and lifts them to his face. 


“You ready to watch your wife get destroyed?” He teases before dropping her to the ground and slamming his foot down on her. Bry continues to stomp and grind the shrunken woman to a paste while taunting the devastated man. After letting it soak in, he then stomps the man. 


With most of the tinies eliminated, he moves onto the cars. 


“Oh man, your car is so sick man. It just sucks that a big giant steps on it” He laughs before slamming his foot down and smashing it to pieces. 


The cars and buildings have no chance as he slams the massive stompers down and reduces anything to paste. 


“Yeah, I just love smothering them with my big ass feet” Bry comments as he continues to toy with all the tiny people. 


With the massacre over, Bry picks up one remaining survivor and heads back to his couch. Dropping the car between his feet, he slowly toys with the tiny. Pressing it between his meaty soles and savioring all the sensations that come with it. The scene ends with the car trapped between the titan’s stompers as the screen fades to black. Another mant city wiped clean. 

Adapted by MaxTiny.

BryZilla! City Attack

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